Airbnb’s unit economics are fairly legendary the S-1 goes to be MOST disrupted FASTEST within the subsequent three YEARS? Caps for impact.

Who Tweeted that? Initialized Capital’s Garry Tan? Homebrews Hunter Stroll? Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham? Or maybe one of many dozens of different venture capitalists energetic on Twitter .

No, it was Parrot.VC, a brand new Twitter account and website devoted to creating mild of VC Twitter. The creator of the brand new device, which first landed on Twitter in late November, fed 65,000 tweets written by some 50 venture capitalists to a machine studying bot. The result’s an automatic tweet generator able to spew considerably nonsensical (or completely nonsensical) <280-character statements.

In response to Hacker Information, the place the creator shared details about their venture, the bot makes use of predictive textual content to generate superb, new startup recommendation,” including “Gavin Belson – hit me up, this is the perfect acquisition for Hooli,” referencing the favored satirical TV present,Silicon Valley.

This isn’t the primary time somebody has leveraged synthetic intelligence to make enjoyable of the tech group. Certainly one of my private favorites, BodegaBot,impressed by the Bodega fiasco of late 2017, satirizes Silicon Valley’s unhinged want to switch home service with know-how.



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