3D Printed Ukulele vs. Standard Ukulele

Comparability of a 3D-printed ukulele (left) and an ordinary wood instrument (proper). Credit score: Xiaoyu Niu

Investigators in China created a functioning 3D-printed ukulele and used acoustics to check its sound high quality to an ordinary wood instrument.

Music is an artwork, however additionally it is a science involving vibrating reeds and strings, sound waves and resonances. The research of acoustics can assist scientists produce lovely music even with musical devices customary with high-tech strategies, akin to 3D printing.

Xiaoyu Niu, from the College of Chinese language Academy Sciences, and different researchers studied the sound high quality of a 3D-printed ukulele and in contrast it to an ordinary wood instrument. Niu will current the group’s ends in a chat, “A Comparison on Sound Quality of PLA 3D Printing Ukulele and Single Board Wooden Ukulele,” on the 178th Assembly of the Acoustical Society of America, which will likely be held December 2-6, 2019, on the Lodge del Coronado in San Diego. Niu’s discuss is a part of a session on “General Topics in Musical Acoustics,” that was held at this time, Thursday, December 5.

The ukulele studied by Niu’s group was created with a 3D printer utilizing a sort of plastic often known as polylactic acid, or PLA. This substance has grow to be fairly fashionable for producing 3D-printed objects, because the printing could be executed at low temperatures.

Niu discovered underneath the identical plucking pressure, the wood ukulele was louder than the 3D-printed one. The investigators additionally discovered the timbre of the 2 devices was completely different. The wood instrument exhibited extra high-frequency vibrations than the 3D-printed ukulele.

“We found that the A-weighted sound pressure of the 3D-printed instrument was less than that of the wooden one,” Niu stated. A-weighting is used to account for the relative loudness of low frequency sounds perceived by the human ear.

To clarify these variations, the investigators carried out pc calculations utilizing a software program bundle often known as COMSOL. They first modeled the ukulele form mathematically. Utilizing formulation for sound resonance and acoustics, they have been capable of clarify the variations between an ordinary wood ukulele and the brand new high-tech 3D-printed model. Niu and associates plan to proceed their work to additional enhance this mathematical mannequin.



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