Nigeria’s #StopRobbingUs marketing campaign may spur tech advocacy group, CEOs say

Nigeria’s #StopRobbingUs marketing campaign to curb police harassment of techies may develop into a proper lobbying group for the nation’s tech sector, in line with founders Bosun Tijani and Jason Njoku.

Tijani, the CEO of Lagos primarily based innovation middle CcHub and now Kenya’s iHub, helped spearhead the motion final month in response to detainment and extortion of tech staff by native authorities.

He joined Njoku — CEO of Nollywood VOD enterprise IROKO — and 29 different Nigerians to launch a press release condemning police abuse of the nation’s tech staff.

The language referred to as for “an end to the common practice where Nigerian police stop young people with laptops and unlawfully arrest, attack or, in extreme circumstances, kidnap them, forcing them to withdraw funds from their bank accounts in order to regain their freedom.”

The marketing campaign coined the #StopRobbingUs hashtag as a digital rallying level.

The assertion went on to say the #StopRobbingUs motion would “consider a Class Action Lawsuit on police brutality.”

Power for the marketing campaign reached important mass after Toni Astro, a Lagos-based software program engineer, was reportedly overwhelmed, arrested, detained after which extorted out of cash by Nigeria’s Particular Anti-Theft Squad [SARS] the final week of September. He tweeted concerning the ordeal.

Stoprobbingus Nigeria

On the impetus for forming #StopRobbingUs, “We just got tired of [the harassment]. I personally got tired of it, which is why I spoke out and with other people decided to take action,” Tijani informed TechCrunch on a name.

He described the shakedown of techies as one of the best and worst of Nigeria colliding, in terms of shifting perceptions and stereotypes of the nation.

“They’re taking one of the most positive things that’s happening on the continent, but also Nigeria in the last 10 years, and turning it into self-destruction,” Tijani stated of the legislation enforcement maltreatment of tech sector staff.

“It’s a gross abuse of police stop and search…The people that are supposed to protect use are ultimately harassing us and robbing us,” iRoko CEO Jason Njoku stated of the profiling and extortion of younger Nigerians with laptops and smartphones.

He characterised the theft of laptops as taking away the means for techies to earn a residing.

“A lot of people can work around not having a laptop, but if you’re a developer, how do you code without a laptop,” he stated.

Njoku, Tijani and members of #StopRobbingUs have been speaking to senior members of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s Enabling Enterprise Atmosphere job pressure and the Governor of Lagos State — the geographic district in Nigeria the place a lot of the nation’s tech exercise takes place.

“We’re looking to set up some kind of fund, which does advocacy and…also lines up lawsuits…to force the issue in a more formal way,” stated Njoku.

“It’s also an education thing. We’re reaching out to the powers that be, to engage and educate them to find some kind of solution to this.”

Each Njoku and Tijani see the #StopRobbingUs motion as a forerunner to an innovation trade advocacy group in Nigeria to talk to the broader wants of the nation’s tech neighborhood.

The West African nation is house to the continent’s largest economic system and largest inhabitants of 200 million.

Along with nonetheless being recognized for large-scale and petty corruption, Nigeria has made strides in enhancing infrastructure and governance and has considered one of Africa’s strongest tech scenes.

The nation is now a focus for VC, startup formation, and the entry of huge world tech corporations in Africa.

Nigeria’s #StopRobbingUs marketing campaign may spur tech advocacy group, CEOs say

“I still see a bright future for fintech and internet companies in Nigeria. I think it makes sense for use to be much more vocal on the things that may or may not make sense to us. Technology, media, and entertainment right now is the hope for a lot of young people in this country,” Njoku stated.

He added his firm, IROKO, and startups he’s invested in account for roughly 1000 jobs.

“We’ll get to the point where tech will become one of the biggest drivers of employment in this country,” Njoku stated.  “It makes sense for us to demand the respect and recognition from government to…do the right thing to give us that fertile ground to keep building these companies.”

CcHub’s Bosun Tijani is in accord with Njoku on the need of an tech trade advocacy group in Nigeria.

“We do need a voice at the table, a voice that can contribute to getting what we need from government…and the #StopRobbingUs campaign may be the trigger,” he stated.







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