Rich Energy Laud Haas F1 for Keeping Livery In Spite of Sacking

The saga of Rich Energy and the Haas F1 team is a long-standing one and it is not pretty. The controversy surrounding the company’s logo has resulted in the team taking it off a few times. Now, recently, Rich Energy has seemingly dropped Haas F1 as a sponsored customer, owing to poor performances.

However, it seems that Haas don’t hold it against them at all and things are cool between them. In fact, Rich Energy released a tongue-in-cheek tweet where they praised Haas F1 and took a dig at rival energy drinks company, Red Bull.

“HaasF1Team love rich energy so much (we don’t blame them as #betterthanredbull ) they have kept our brand livery on the car even after we sacked them for poor performance!”

Kevin Magnussen
Haas F1

Meanwhile, on the other side of the court case, Whyte Bikes released a statement. It said, “On June 27, 2019, the High Court in London made various orders against the defendants, Rich Energy, William Storey and Staxoweb. One of the orders was that they should pay to Whyte (ATB Sales) costs totaling £35,416 by 11 July 2019.

“The defendants have failed to pay any of the costs award. Each of the defendants is jointly liable for the whole amount of costs awarded.

“ATB will now be forced to take appropriate action to recover the costs that they have been awarded. This may include applications to the Court to wind up both Rich Energy and Staxoweb and to petition for the bankruptcy of Mr. Storey.”

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