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Taylor Swift broke away from singing her massive hit, Bad Blood, over the weekend as she noticed someone in need of help at her stadium show.

The Folklore singer is currently on her enormous sold-out Eras tour around the USA. And this weekend she hit the Lincoln Financial Field stadium stage in Philadelphia.

A video from TikTok user nicolleelizabethb showed Taylor strutting down her walkway before stopping at the end of the stage.

Fans will see her getting distracted by something as she sang the words: “Baby now we’ve got bad blood” and began pointing at the crowd.

She seems to scream the words: “Hey, she’s all right! She wasn’t doing anything!”

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Taylor could be seen turning away from the disturbance before deciding to go back to the fan in need.

She screamed once more at what can only be assumed to be a security guard: “Hey, stop! Hey, stop it!”

Eventually, the singer turned around and continued her song while strutting away from the issue.

The Daily Mail reported a witness claiming that Taylor yelled at security guards because they were “physically pushing them” off the barricade.

The witness reportedly added: “We weren’t throwing anything, we weren’t screaming anything insane, she was fully coming over to dance and sing with us and it resulted in security being extremely aggressive for no reason.”

The video’s caption didn’t seem to clear up the confusion, either. It read: “Twitter saw it first, but not sure what happened on the floor at #Philly #N2 where Taylor had to intervene. #tserastour #tserastourphilly #taylorswift” (sic)

Fans have since begun praising Taylor on Twitter, with one writing: “I would hate to be the security guy that got in trouble with her.”

Another agreed: “why does taylor swift yelling at a security guard scare me?????? she went literal mama bear. MOTHER”

A third concurred: “I wonder if anyone on earth has ever felt as much regret as that security guard that got reamed by Taylor Swift.”

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