Two men turn themselves in after Montgomery riverfront brawl, police say

Two suspects facing misdemeanor assault charges after a group of white men attacked a Black dockworker in a brawl on the Montgomery riverfront surrendered to police Wednesday, authorities said.

Allen Todd, 23, and Zachary Shipman, 25, turned themselves in and face charges of third-degree assault, a spokesperson for the Montgomery Police Department said in a statement Wednesday night.

Officials expected the men to turn themselves in a day earlier. Montgomery Police Chief Darryl J. Albert said Tuesday they were expected to surrender that afternoon.

A third suspect, Richard Roberts, 48, was already in custody.

Efforts to reach Todd and Shipman, and their immediate family members, were unsuccessful earlier Wednesday.

It was not immediately clear if they have lawyers.

Witnesses say a large brawl that broke out on an Alabama riverfront Saturday was fueled by alcohol and adrenaline.
Witnesses say a large brawl that broke out on the riverfront in Montgomery, Ala., on Saturday was fueled by alcohol and adrenaline.Courtesy Christa Owen

Police are expected to bring more charges in the incident, but hate crime charges are not expected, Albert previously said.

In an appearance on MSNBC Wednesday morning, Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed said officials are “very intently looking at all facets of this case,” including allegations that racial slurs were used in the altercation.

“To see something like this happen in our city is problematic,” Reed added. 

Police confirmed that a group of white private boaters attacked a Black dockworker, Damien Pickett, as he tried to move their pontoon as the Harriott II Riverboat approached. More than 200 passengers on the riverboat waited for about a half hour as the captain and Pickett tried to get the boaters to move their vessel.

Family members of a teenage white dockworker are also calling for charges after he was attacked by white boaters while operating a nearby vessel.

Videos of the fight went viral following the incident, with several social media users pointing out that the people involved appeared to be split along racial lines.

Police ultimately detained, questioned and released 13 people, the police chief said, adding that local FBI and district attorney’s offices are part of the ongoing investigation. 

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