Are You Ready For All the Goodies in the VIP Bag at POPSUGAR Play/Ground?

POPSUGAR Play/Ground is coming to New York on June 22 and 23, and we couldn’t be more excited. The two-day festival is going to be jam-packed with badass businesswomen, fitness gurus, and of course, your favorite celebrities: Mandy Moore, Chrissy Teigen, Issa Rae, Camila Mendes . . . we could keep going. If the exclusive workout classes, incredible Pop Shop, and unparalleled access to both the leaders you look up to and a community of like-minded individuals haven’t inspired you to buy your ticket yet, you haven’t seen the VIP bag.

If you purchase a VIP ticket, because who doesn’t want to feel like royalty, you’ll be walking home with hundreds of dollars’ worth of free merchandise. These are the kinds of products you’re actually excited about receiving, like face masks, sunglasses, makeup, and books! Plus, the bag is packed with festival essentials you’ll be so happy to have. From a water bottle to extra gum and headbands, we’ve got you covered. POPSUGAR Play/Ground is coming up faster than we can imagine, and you can shop the VIP bag right now. Or, you could come to the event and get all of this for free! We know where we’ll be next weekend.

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