How Can We Calm Down When Taylor Swift's Heart Earrings Are This Extraordinary?

Taylor Swift’s new album, Lover, delivers some pretty great artwork, and that’s just one of the reasons we’re so excited about it. The star revealed that with the release of her new tracks comes a clothing collaboration with designer Stella McCartney, which will be heavily based on her new lyrics and, yeah, all that pastel you’re seeing on her Instagram feed.

One of the items Taylor’s posted that we eyed instantly? These Anabela Chan Love Heart Hoop Earrings, which retail online for $2,120. While that’s a pretty steep price to pay for some new baubles, Taylor makes them look really appealing coordinated with a baby pink swimsuit, furry coat, and sunglasses. The jewels have traces of pink, white, and canary diamonds, and they’re set in 18K gold. They’re a little bit ’80s, a little bit kitschy, perfectly over-the-top, and a lot like the pieces we’ve been collecting to accessorize our going-out outfits lately.

We know “You Need to Calm Down” takes a strong political stance in support of the LGBTQ+ community, but we’ve been repeating the lyrics over and over in our head, so we can’t help but tie them into the matter at hand here: we’re obsessed with Taylor’s earrings, and we just can’t calm down about it. And hey, in the name of Pride Month, these would make a pretty great addition to a wardrobe that screams “love is love,” wouldn’t they? If you can’t quite afford them, no worries; we found a handful of designs that fit the bill. Thank you for the inspo yet again, Tay.

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