I Tried an Olympic Gymnast's Ab Routine, and My Core Is Quaking
I Tried an Olympic Gymnast's Ab Routine, and My Core Is Quaking

Finding new ways to work your abs is all kinds of fun – at least for me it is. And if I can incorporate moves I learned from my decade and a half in gymnastics, it’s a win-win. So, when Olympic gymnast Alicia Sacramone, now Alicia Sacramone Quinn, (seen above) posted an “anywhere” core circuit online featuring exercises like Supermans and plank rocks, which we commonly did at the end of practices growing up, I knew I needed to give it a try.

Fun fact: Alicia has a total of 10 World Championship medals, which is the second most of any American gymnast behind Simone Biles (Simone currently has 20). Alicia, now retired, is a mom of two – she gave birth to her second child in July 2018 – and she frequently posts Instagram videos of her working out with her kids. The 31-year-old is exercising alone in her most recent ab routine but used hashtags like #fitmom and #naptimeworkouts to indicate that this particular sweat session took place while the kids napped (because that’s as good a time as any to exercise!). Ahead, check out the full core workout, and keep reading for what I thought. Get ready, abs – here we come!


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