Nike Celebrates Individuality With the New "Nobody Wins Alone" LGBTQ+ Campaign

Nike has been known to use sports to challenge the status quo, inspire people to take risks, dream crazier, and always be true to who they are.

For the first time ever, Nike partnered with the estate of Gilbert Baker, the activist and artist behind the Pride flag, for the 2019 Be True collection. Additionally, Nike dropped the “Nobody Wins Alone” ad featuring prominent LGBTQ+ athletes, including WNBA stars Sue Bird and Brittney Griner, skater Eric Koston, and 800-meter Olympic gold medalist Caster Semenya.

“Every winner knows victory doesn’t happen alone,” the narrator says as footage of Brittney and Caster competing appear. “But none of us can truly win until the rules are the same for everyone.” In 45 seconds, Nike is able to capture what makes us great – our individuality – while reminding us that “the playing field won’t be level until all of us are equal.”

Check out the full video above, and click here for more information on the organizations Nike is supporting to advance the LGBTQ+ community.

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