The 12 Cutest Running Shoes to Pair With Your Athleisure

Taking sneakers beyond the gym is a fashion trend that’s here to stay; we love running, but we want to look as good as possible doing so. That’s why we love cute workout outfits. They motivate us to get our butt to the gym so we can feel like our happiest, healthiest selves. But, the cornerstone of a great workout outfit is definitely the sneakers. Yes, they obviously have to perform well under pressure, but we don’t want to wear a pair that looks awkward and outdated. We want a pair that’s cute!

Today, it’s perfectly normal to see stylish women everywhere rocking sneakers with their favorite outfits. In fact, there are so many ways to wear them with our regular clothes, we sometimes forget that sneakers were once meant exclusively for running. If you love to work out, you want your footwear to go the distance, and you want to look cute, these are the running sneakers fashion and fitness girls will love.

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