A top-down Lovecraftian adventure, a word puzzler, and an amazing audio narrative adventure.

These were the best Android games released in May

Notable games released in May

  • Tesla vs Lovecraft ($9.99) is a tough-as-nails twin-stick shooter with rogue-like elements.
  • Alt-Frequencies ($4.99) is an audio narrative mystery game that centers around time travel, misinformation, and a government conspiracy.
  • Word Forward ($2.99) offers a new twist for fans of the word puzzle genre.
  • Daggerhood ($2.99) is a fun new platformer that features tight controls and is ideal for fans of speed-running.

Game of the month: Tesla vs Lovecraft

Tesla vs Lovecraft stands above the other games I’ve looked at this month because it’s fun and challenging, offering one of the best twin-stick shooters experiences on Android.

You play as Tesla as he tries to recover his most prized inventions from Lovecraft who has harnessed the powers of the occult to summon endless waves of monsters to stop you. It’s a pretty wild concept for a game that ultimately lets you mow down wave after wave of Lovecraftian creatures with upgradeable weapons and occasionally a mech suit that can clear out a horde of enemies real quick. TvL also features rogue-like elements, so as you kill enemies you collect XP which unlocks a new perk every time you level up, but these perks are random and reset if you die or move onto a different level.

Developed by 10tons studio in Finland, this game features you’d come to expect from a premium game are here — quick and responsive gameplay with tight touchscreen controls and support for Bluetooth controllers, a full campaign mode with 35 missions available to play with three levels of difficulty, and an endless survival mode that puts your skills to the test against other players on the global leaderboard.

Download: Tesla vs Lovecraft ($9.99)

Get the most out of your Android gaming experience

SteelSeries Stratus Duo

These were the best Android games released in May

$60 at Amazon

A great Bluetooth controller for use with Android games that offer gamepad support that also includes a wireless USB dongle for gaming on PCs. Highly recommended!

Ventev Powercell 6010+ Portable USB-C Charger

These were the best Android games released in May

$37 at Amazon

This battery pack from Ventev is recommended so often because it’s so compact and convenient. You get a built-in USB-C cord, built-in AC prong for charging the unit, and 6000mAh battery capacity.

Spigen Style Ring

These were the best Android games released in May

$13 at Amazon

Of all the phone mounts and kickstands we’ve tested, the most consistently reliable and sturdy is the original Spigen Style Ring. It also has a minimalist hook mount for your car’s dashboard.

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