Life comes at you hard, even when you’re on the A-List: one minute you’re relaxing on a yacht, the next minute you’re getting pelted in the face with a beach volleyball. Let’s all take a moment for Leonardo DiCaprio’s moneymaker.

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor, environmental activist and lover of light-hearted summer sports was recently photographed in Malibu playing volleyball. As with all competitive pastimes, sometimes you’re winning and sometimes you’re dealing with setbacks. And sometimes those setbacks are, well, in your face. It’s volleyball; we’ve all been there!

If the reactions across social media are any indication, the moment is already a strong contender for the meme of summer 2019. People came in full force with lighthearted jokes, as well as some genuine concern for the actor’s 8 by 10 (headshot reference!)

DiCaprio has long been a meme machine: recall the classic “Strutting Leo” photo series, borne of him being snapped casually strolling on the set of Inception. Or the various lookalikes who never cease to amaze the Internet. Or the glass-raising Great Gatsby reaction GIF. Or, yes, that water pistol moment:

In conclusion, do keep living your best beach volleyball life Leo — just maybe consider a helmet next time.

This Photo of a Volleyball Smushing Leonardo DiCaprio in the Face Is Already Summer 2019’s Finest Meme


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