Good morning, and time for some Friday feedback. I got lots of it for my post on whether Walmart should further restrict gun sales. A sampling:

“I don’t read Mr. McMillon’s statement as a prelude to a change as you seem to. I read it as a possible prelude to change, but also a possible prelude to a well-considered defense of weapon sales in the midst of a terrible epidemic in a nation with an increasingly complicated relationship with the Second Amendment.”


“There is reason to believe a real discussion on gun access AND gun violence is long overdue in this country. Any discussion needs real thought, not five second sound bites blaming it on this or that. It also needs to include a discussion on what the impact of Hollywood movies and TV shows with unrelenting gun violence and video games with the same has on gun violence in the U.S..”


“We have one side arguing for laws that don’t work and another side defending rights that aren’t threatened….We will never have effective regulation of firearms in the United States or any hope of addressing the frequency of mass shootings, mass murder, and domestic terrorism until we quit fighting over crap that doesn’t matter.”


“I really feel for (McMillon) right now. He has a business to run. But this is truly a legacy moment; potentially a historic moment…I hope his board would support him to do the ‘harder right over the easier wrong.’”


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Alan Murray

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