ELON Musk is the eccentric billionaire behind a raft of the most enjoyable corporations on the planet.

However his erratic behaviour landed him in a number of spots of trouble over the years. This is what you must know.

 Tesla Motors boss Elon Musk is worth an estimated $23.5bn


Tesla Motors boss Elon Musk is worth an estimated $23.5bnCredit score: AP:Related Press

What’s the lawsuit by diver Vernon Unsworth about?

Musk launched a unprecedented Twitter assault on July 15 2018 through which he known as British diver Vernon Unsworth a “pedo guy”.

Mr Unsworth, a cave diving skilled, was amongst the key figures in the rescue of a Thai youth soccer crew who have been caught in a cave advanced in July 2018.

However he accused Musk of attempting to hijack the tragedy when the billionaire supplied to ship out a “kid-sized submarine” to take the trapped kids out.

Mr Unsworth stated the businessman may “stick his submarine where it hurts”.

In screenshots of a now-deleted tweet from Mr Musk’s verified account, Musk stated: “Sorry pedo guy, you really did ask for it”.

The billionaire went on to say he did not see Mr Unsworth “at any point” throughout the rescue operation.

On 17 SeptemberMr Unsworth filed court docket papers in Los Angeles suing Musk for libel.

However on December 7 2019 Musk defeated the defamation claims.

Unsworth was in search of $190 million in damages for the disgrace and humiliation brought on by the man his lawyer known as a billionaire bully.”

What’s Elon Musk’s net worth?

Self-made billionaire Elon Musk, 47, is ranked number 25 on the Forbes rich list with an estimated private fortune of $23.5bn (17.9bn).

Anotorious workaholic, he would not spend his cash on lavish holidays or costly hobbies.

As a substitute, the entrepreneur spends most of his free time at the workplace or in factories.

At the finish of the day he heads again to considered one of a number of Los Angeles mansions he owns at the finish of the day.

How did he make his fortune?

In 1995 he and his brother Kimbal began software program agency Zip2, which created web metropolis guides for the New York Occasions and Chicago Tribune.

4 years later Elon pocketed $22million when the agency was bought to Compaq.

Later in 1999 he based X.com, considered one of the world’s first on-line banks, which merged with PayPal the following yr.

Musk, who held 11.7 per cent of PayPal shares, scored an enormous payday when the agency was purchased by eBay for $1.4bn in 2002.

He went on to discovered SpaceX and took over Tesla Motors which is now worth round $70bn.

 Musk has unveiled plans to send thousands of people on a one-way trip to colonise Mars


Musk has unveiled plans to ship hundreds of individuals on a one-approach journey to colonise MarsCredit score: Reuters

What corporations does Elon Musk personal?

Elon Musk started investing in area journey in 2001 when he tried to purchase Russian ballistic missiles that he hoped may ship payloads into area.

As a substitute he set about constructing his personal rockets via his agency SpaceX.

The corporate has pioneered re-usable rockets and has efficiently landed its Falcon 9 craft, a primary for an orbital rocket.

SpaceX has gained contracts to launch payloads into orbit for Nasa and is now valued at greater than $20bn.

Musk has a lot grander plans together with a colony of 1,000,000 folks dwelling below glass domes on Mars.

In 2004, Musk was concerned in refinancing begin-up tech agency Tesla Motors and oversaw the design of its the Roadster electrical automobile.

He took over as boss in 2008 and has led the push to make electric cars mainstream.

In 2017 the company was briefly valued at more than Ford and General Motors.

In August 2018, Musk said he had secured funding to take the firm back into private ownership at $420 a share, valuing Tesla Inc at $71.3bn.

Musk was forced to resign as Tesla chairman and pay a 15million fine after settling a deal with US regulators over tweets about taking the company private.

Shares in the company soared for a short period, but later plunged.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission said his claims were “false and misleading”.

He will remain as Tesla CEO but will have to step down as chairman for three years.

Musk funded the SolarCity firm founded by his cousins, which makes solar panels and is now owned by Tesla Inc.

He also co-founded Hyperloop One, which aims to develop high-speed train travel, and The Boring Company which is testing cheaper ways to dig tunnels.

Another of Musk’s start-up is Neuralink, which aims to integrate thehuman brain with artificial intelligence through implants in the skull.

Tech billionaire Elon Musk is selling 20,000 flamethrowers and promises they will protect you against zombies or your money back’

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