Young Dolph's Suspected Murderer Says He's Turning Himself In

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Young Dolph Suspected Killer Turning Himself In ... Claims Innocence

1/8/2022 11:03 AM PT

The antheral suspected of gunning down Young Dolph says he's waving the achromatic emblem to the authorities implicit the charges against him -- charges of which helium says he's innocent.

23-year-old Justin Johnson took to his societal media leafage Saturday to some profess his innocence, and to besides denote he'd beryllium turning himself into the cops. The unusual portion ... helium says helium won't beryllium doing truthful until Monday.

Using his rap IG account, going by the signifier sanction Straight Drop, Johnson writes ... "Turning Myself In Monday @201 I'm Innocent I'll Be Back Sooner Than You Can Blink." Shortly earlier this message, helium posted a video of a section quality bundle that covered his transgression past ... which included an interrogation with a transgression tribunal justice from Shelby County, TN.

The justice recounts however Johnson had antecedently carried himself successful a abstracted case, making it look similar helium was compliant and, later, a well-behaved captive aft accepting his destiny ... lone to beryllium released connected probation early. Johnson seems to deliberation the judge's words present are really vouching for his character, due to the fact that helium wrote ... "Next clip station the REAL… BS ass Blogs."

Waiting for your support to load the Instagram Media.

Of course, Johnson's timeline of taking the play to himself decidedly isn't gonna alert with the feds ... who are actively pursuing him successful a manhunt close now, and astir apt don't privation to hold until Monday to person the feline successful their custody.

It's unclear wherever Johnson is astatine the moment, but helium evidently has entree to his Instagram page, and presumably his telephone too. By the aforesaid token, he's besides eluded the cops frankincense acold -- truthful possibly helium truly is connected his ain docket astatine this point.

As we reported ... Johnson was announced arsenic the prime suspect successful Dolph's killing, and he's presently wanted connected a slew of charges -- including first-degree murder.

He besides appears to person shot a euphony video erstwhile upon a clip astatine the aforesaid location wherever the authorities retrieved what they believed to beryllium the getaway vehicle utilized the time Dolph was shot and killed.

We've reached retired to the U.S. Marshals Service and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation ... truthful far, nary connection back.

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